Over the years I have been fortunate to have studied with many of the music worlds great performers and teachers. They have graciously given me every tool in my "musical toolbox", so I feel it necessary to give back what my teachers gave me.


My major focus when approaching students is playing pedegogy, both on the physical, and mental level. I believe that with a firm grasp on easy production of technique, confidence in ones' abilities will follow, which will lead to succesful auditions, performances and FUN!


The key aspects I focus my private teaching on are:

  • proper posture and tension reduction techniques

  • Easy intake/exhale of wind (air)

  • clear and efficiant tone production

  • flexibilty and security of all ranges of the horn

  • sight-reading

  • ear training


Horn player Barry Tuckwell once said "Horn playing is EASY!", and that is what I strive for in my own playing as well as my students. Playing the horn is not only fun, but the process of learning the horn can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


I also have experience leading sectionals and camps, coaching a variety of ensembles from horn/mellophone band sections (both playing and marching), brass ensembles, and other mixed ensembles. While still largely focusing on performance pedegogy, I have a wide range of section-playing techniques to offer and teach students that have been proven to improve rhythm, intonation, communication and overall musicianship.


Please inquire on the Contact page for contracting any of these services!



Myself and Horn Virtuoso Hermann Baumann

KBHC June 2010

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